Zellman, The Motivating Edu-tainer

Anton ZellmanWhat else would you call a man who can educate and entertain at the same time? A man who can encourage and motivate negative, apathetic thinkers to become positive, dynamic personalities capable of doing so much more for themselves. And their companies.

You'd call this phenomenon "Edutainment." And you'd call on the one man uniquely qualified to deliver it; Anton Josef Zellman. The only man who so effectively utilizes Extrasensory Perception to transform people into Effective Sales Professionals.

Blending his experience as a public speaker and psychic entertainer with his polished skills as a professional salesman, Zellman excites your managers, sales people or clients to become aware of, understand and experience their own mental process. He explains, "If you want your people to be creative and effective sales reps or managers, first help them to learn to become effective thinkers."

Zellman encourages your people to explore and expand their own psychic (mental) potential. He accomplishes this by combining practical mind expanding concepts with amazing psychic demonstrations and audience involvement.

Zellman's stimulating discussions about such topics as: Awareness, Perception, Thought Power, Change, Relaxation, Habits, Memory, Concentration, Visual Imagery, and Productive Imagination are given extra credibility by his own personal experiences and achievements.

In addition, Zellman will personalize each performance by studying your company's specific problems and/or goals and then develop a custom-tailored "psychic" show that utilizes his motivating comments and mind-boggling demonstrations to best introduce your new products, programs and campaigns.

Best of all Zellman delivers, with the confidence that can only come from thousands of mentally-challenging performances.

Let Zellman "Edutain" your valued audience and guarantee the success of your next sales meeting, management conference or special event.


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