About The Author

ANTON JOSEF ZELLMANN (Perceptionist and Edutainer) has been hailed as a gifted speaker, an inventive motivator, and an amazing entertainer.

Originally from New York City, Zellmann spent his early years working in theatrical and entertainment circles. He later pursued a ten-year career as an award winning sales and marketing consultant.

During the past twenty-eight years Zellmann has delivered over ten-thousand presentations at trade shows, meetings, and motivational seminars, during which he instructs sales and management personnel, and trade show attendees how to achieve more from the ‘business of life’ by understanding and using the innate mental and intuitive powers he claims we all possess.

Zellmann claims that everyone is “Reading Minds.” He suggests mind reading is not some uncanny or exclusive ability some people have and others do not. He asserts with conviction, “You are reading my mind at this very moment! This thought I am expressing as you read this paragraph is emanating from my mind and being received into your mind. The same process takes place during conversation between two people or groups of people. Mind reading is simply another expression of communication. And yet this communication process is more complex than most people realize. In this book I reveal, through personal stories and hands-on exercises, how to understand and improve this extraordinary human interaction.”

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